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Berendien van Zanten is a independent BIG registrated psychotherapist at Noordwijk and applies her clinical experience to the corporate workplace.
Previously, she was a faculty member social sciences at the university of Leiden.

Mental health is becoming a greater corporate issue as more employees and their managers seek help with their problems. Many people are now seeking help with problems such as depression, burnout. There is growing recognition that many psychological problems do stem from work-related experiences. Considerable evidence suggest that the origins of these problems may be rooted in the increased pressures and demands of today's business environment, uncertain values, beliefs and behaviors and a success driven culture, the neurotic management styles that shape many companies conflicting interests in the employer relationship and lack of preparation and support provided to individuals on how to deal with psychological problems encountered at work. The skills that psychotherapists possess are of enormous potential.
Many business people have no real experience with psychotherapy, and some are uncomfortable with the idea that they might have to confront themselves, their feelings and their behavior. Psychotherapists help their clients to operate at full capacity. They encourage people to gain insights into their goes and motivations, help them better understand their strengths and weaknesses, and prevent them from engaging in self destructive activities. They encourage them to learn and grow, to increase their tolerance for ambiguous situations to become more emotionally responsive,and to develop the range, flexibility, and effectiveness of their behavioral repertoire.

The skills that psychotherapists possess are of enormous potential to business executives and corporate leaders. They ought not to go waste

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