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What is business psychology?

Business psychology is the application of clinical psychology´s traditional knowledge and skill base, to people working in business settings.

When can business psychology be useful?

When you want more (self)-understanding
of your behavior, of strengths and weaknesses,
of future development, of optimal career choises.
When you behave in ways that are self-defeating
over controlling or under empowering
abrasive, self-centered, disorganized,
angry or hostile, poor listener,
perfectionistic or rigid, authoritarian
too timid in certain situations, distrustful or
easily threatened.
When you need to deal with (difficult) colleagues or employees
working with talented people who are difficult,
dealing with people above in the power structure,
dealing with people who are self-centered or narcissistic,
developing effective relationships,
leading and managing team members.

An appointment can be made in Leiden, Rotterdam or the Hague, other locations is possible.

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