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Who is Drs. Ivo Plochg

Ivo Plochg (1950) is an independent consultant in The Netherlands.
He studied information science (University of Amsterdam), law and holds a degree in psychology (psychological Drs., University of Groningen).

After several years of clinical practice and research he moved into management training and consultancy, establishing his own company in 1993. His main interest is working with individual clients.

He worked as an inhouse trainer and consultant for a multinational, and has spent over ten years developing and applying an individual coaching and consulting model.
His specific areas of interest are career barriers, management and negotiation skills, personal performance, interpersonal communication and stress management
He has over 20 years of practical experience working with individuals and groups from diverse backgrounds and levels of responsibility
Plochg´s professional interest focuses on applying principles of psychology to the workplace.
Personal development can only be meaningfully achieved if people take a diagnostic view of themselves and by challenging and questioning their perspectives and attitudes
His interest lies in the interface between management and clinical psychology.

Location for an appointment is Leiden.

The Netherlands

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